The original website was launched in tandem with the shop and at its peak had a record of 32,000 visitors in a single day when a newspaper article on Ophiuchus resulted in search engines directing enquiries to a page on the site dedicated to the subject of the 13th constellation and its place in the zodiac.


Established in July 2007 as a retail business at 110 The Rock in Bury, Lancashire, Gelageo moved to stall 13 in Wyndham Block on Bury Market where we traded until June 2008 before conceding that retail overheads were unsustainable.

WHO WE ARE - then and now


Cancer Earth Dog

aka Pit bull

11 Kan/12 Chicchan

Manifesting Generator 2/4

Life path 6

King/Queen of Diamonds


Gemini Wood Dragon

aka Hummingbird

4 Lamat

Generator 3/5

Life path 3

King of Diamonds

Angela and Geoff met through an online dating site in June 2006 and within a year had a new home, a son and a business together combining their names, as above, to create Gelageo. 

Today Gelageo is operated primarily by Geoff whilst Angela has become a psychic spiritual life coach, adopted the name Rainbow Starlight and plans to write a book on her journey of personal transformation which started on her father's 91st birthday in 2020. She is often to be found shining her light in Glastonbury, the heart chakra of Gaia, where she can be seen in many town events and is also available for intuitive astro-tarot readings.

Consequently the original logic behind the name has become an inspirational acronym -

Give Everyone Love And Gain Extraordinary Omniscience.


We are here to assist you in developing self-knowledge and understanding through the use of the esoteric sciences but principally the many branches of astrology, numerology, cosmology and cardology - tarot and the magi. (4 'ologys')

We have the tools and experience to help answer your questions and our ultimate aim is to help you become your own astrologer..

People have been taught to ridicule astrology yet the largest library on the subject in the world is housed at the Vatican and some powerful people, including world leaders and billionaires, have used it successfully to ascertain propitious timings for major decisions. This also explains why it is classed as a pseudoscience, that there are no television programmes on the subject and that websites such as this must make it clear that the content is for entertainment purposes only when in fact it is a diagnostic tool enabling us to flourish when we are aligned with our soul's purpose.

You won't find us on any social media channels as there's little point in us trying to compete with the myriad of established esoteric sites utilising technology and marketing methods to good end. Instead we prefer to share our knowledge and experience through offering a personal service - the quality rather than quantity approach to life. 

Namaste (I bow to you) and In Lak'ech Ala K'in (Mayan for "I am you and you are me" - we are all one)

This is NOT sun sign astrology for which there are a myriad sources for 'horoscopes'.

The time, place and date of birth and the name you were given make you the unique being that you are and this site sets out to help you to know yourself and understand your life purpose - there are no predictions only interpretations of your birth (natal) chart and the impact that the planetary movements may have on it throughout your life. 

There are two luminaries, the sun & the moon - the masculine & feminine archetypes, the yang and yin - as above, so below, as within, so without, as the universe, so the soul. 

For an excellent SunMoonSelf article on this subject we offer a FREE PDF download via our 'Buy Me A Book' link