This is a recently added section to which reviews will be added as they are received. The photo accompanying the review represents the client's 'animal spirit' translated from the combination of their Western & Chinese zodiac signs.

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Steven J (April 2024)


When Geoff opened his shop in Bury 17 years ago, I became one of his first clients. What grabbed me initially was an impressive view of the sun dwarfing the planets, covering the back wall. Very apt I thought!

It quickly became apparent he was very knowledgeable & fascinated by astrology. That, and his rather unique approach, soon led me to purchase my own birth chart in booklet form. Incredibly detailed and accurate, this quickly led to me, over the next few years, purchasing more natal chart booklets as birthday or Christmas presents as they were quite unusual gifts and great value for money I might add.

Having supported him over the years I was pleased to be, once again, an early customer on the day he opened the studio in Hebden Bridge last year (23/3/2023); that day selected, so he told me at the time, for fortuitous star alignment reasons - "and why not?" as the now long-retired TV Film critic Barry Norman was reputed (erroneously - urban myth!) to often say!

It was with great interest to see how his offerings have morphed over time and to discover that my animal spirit is an elephant!

Louise L (March 2024)


Venturing into GELAGEO a year ago was a serendipitous event and one instigated purely by intrigue and nosiness.

Since then, Geoff's understanding of astrology and all things esoteric has had a profound impact on me, he has not only become a good friend of mine but he has also given me the confidence to pursue astrology in more depth.

Since meeting, our correspondence has been nothing short of enlightening. His insights, guidance, and wisdom have inspired me into a journey of self-discovery through astrology. His curiosity is infectious but he has also been that steady hand to guide me to where I am now and always has time drip feed me with learning that is accessible, insightful and honest.


"I’d just like to say thank you for my personalised birthday card - it was so accurate in many ways . The customer service and communication was outstanding. Can’t wait to see my daughters one you are doing for a Christmas present.
I highly recommend you."

Karen R (December 2023)


“Gelageo's 'Magic I Am' report impressed me thoroughly. The analysis was expertly executed, insightful, and easy to comprehend even for a non-expert. Gelageo clearly demonstrated a deep understanding of complex astrological concepts and presented the findings in a visually appealing way. I would not hesitate to recommend Gelageo's exemplary services."

Stacy H

November 2023


"I really appreciate the time you took to explain things and your passion for this subject is infectious."

Victoria L (November 2023)

Sam T (October 2023)


"I visited the shop on a whim and left feeling as though a brand new avenue had been opened up to me. Geoff was so knowledgeable and thorough, his passion is clear and absolutely contagious. Cannot fault the service, the follow-up, and the sense of community which comes along with receiving email updates. No matter what your knowledge level upon entry, I promise you’ll learn something new before you leave. Thank you, Geoff, for giving this little seeker an insight into a whole new world of learning, understanding, and thought. What I knew was simply the tip of the iceberg, and I can’t wait to explore further!"