This is a recently added section to which reviews will be added as they are received. The photo accompanying the review represents the client's 'animal spirit' translated from the combination of their Western & Chinese zodiac signs.

Sam T (October 2023)


"I visited the shop on a whim and left feeling as though a brand new avenue had been opened up to me. Geoff was so knowledgeable and thorough, his passion is clear and absolutely contagious. Cannot fault the service, the follow-up, and the sense of community which comes along with receiving email updates. No matter what your knowledge level upon entry, I promise you’ll learn something new before you leave. Thank you, Geoff, for giving this little seeker an insight into a whole new world of learning, understanding, and thought. What I knew was simply the tip of the iceberg, and I can’t wait to explore further!"


“Gelageo's 'Magic I Am' report impressed me thoroughly. The analysis was expertly executed, insightful, and easy to comprehend even for a non-expert. Gelageo clearly demonstrated a deep understanding of complex astrological concepts and presented the findings in a visually appealing way. I would not hesitate to recommend Gelageo's exemplary services."

Stacy H

November 2023

Victoria L (November 2023)


"I really appreciate the time you took to explain things and your passion for this subject is infectious."