All five of the outer planets are in retrograde motion and werej oined by Mercury on September 27 and then for a brief period of 5 days only Mars and Venus will be in direct motion. By October 18 all but Neptune and Uranus will be moving forward again at which time there may be the first signs of big changes that are to come for the world.

For a perspective on these retrograde planets Astrology King features some great articles. The asteroid Chiron went retrograde in the sign of Aries on July 15 for 5 months and is interpreted here by Symbolic Living.

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Astrology site of the month

This month I am sharing with my visitors the wonderful Astromatrix site - an antipodean venture and clearly a labour of love with a comprehensive overview of astrology and the tarot with much of the content available for free and an excellent app. Donations are welcomed and a small fee will remove the advertising.

To the right is a screenshot showing the retrograde calendar featured on their site. is the gateway to their general interpretations of the current aspects, videos and links to downloading their excellent app which gives you a highly personalised daily, weekly and monthly overview of your astrology subject of course to knowing your birth time.

The lunar phase is a vital indicator of the area of life being affected on a day to day basis yet thousands of years ago the Mayan civilisation had its own method of interpreting the energy of each day - one of several sophisticated calendar systems, the tzolkin has 13 tones/numbers making a 'trecena' and 20 day signs.

A 260 day perpetual calendar which is still followed in meso america and which has spawned a modern day version known as the Dreamspell.