June is here and we've already had the new moon solar eclipse in Gemini. Meanwhile we also have to deal with Mercury retrograde which will last until the day after the summer solstice which this year occurs on June 21 at 0331 GMT/UT.

For more information on the astrology of the month I invite you once again to visit  AstroButterfly for a complete overview.

In my monthly musing section below I am evaluating the three astrology apps that are becoming extremely popular including one example of Mercury retrograde.

So what or who is Juno? (symbol/glyph shown)

Juno is one of the five 'Goddess' asteroids along with Pallas, Vesta, Black Moon Lilith, and Ceres. 

In astrology, Juno represents our partnerships and marriage. She also rules over child-birth and female reproductive health.

Forever Conscious expands on the above and explains how to discover where Juno is in your birth chart.

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Monthly musing

It's two years since the New York Times ran an article on how venture capitalists have entered the esoteric arena hoping to make big bucks from financing a plethora of astrology-related online businesses.

There are three highly popular apps available on both platforms and I intend to update this article shortly with my personal review of all three - Co-Star, The Pattern & The Sanctuary.

In the meantime I've shown a screenshot of 'The Pattern' explaining Mercury Retrograde.

I believe that these apps do have a place in encouraging the growing interest in esotericism and can operate alongside the hundreds of thousands of professional and millions of amateur astrologers who can offer a far more personal service.  

To be continued...