Half way through the year already and the 7th month began as usual with the sun in Cancer for those following tropical astrology and the sun in Gemini for the sidereal followers and astronomers amongst you.

For the vast majority in the Western world the full moon will be in Aquarius at 02:36 UT on July 24 and will be the first of two during the Leo season with the second being known as the blue moon and especially powerful as it will be at what is referred to as the anaretic degree - 29. 

All the outer planets apart from Uranus are in retrograde motion and by August 21 all the outer planets will be retrograde. For a perspective on these retrograde planets Astrology King features some great articles. The asteroid Chiron goes retrograde in the sign of Aries on July 15 for 5 months and is interpreted here by Symbolic Living.

This month the overview of July comes from the antipodean Faith at InsightAstrology.

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Monthly musing

It's two years since the New York Times ran an article on how venture capitalists have entered the esoteric arena hoping to make big bucks from financing a plethora of astrology-related online businesses.

There are currently three highly popular apps available on both platforms  - Co-Star, The Pattern & Sanctuary.

I believe that these apps do have a place in encouraging the growing interest in esotericism and can operate alongside the hundreds of thousands of professional and millions of amateur astrologers who can offer a far more personal service.  

A summary of features, comparison table and my personal review of these apps is here.

Screenshot with example of Mercury retrograde interpretation by The Pattern

The lunar phase is a vital indicator of the area of life being affected on a day to day basis yet thousands of years ago the Mayan civilisation had its own method of interpreting the energy of each day - one of several sophisticated calendar systems, the tzolkin has 13 tones/numbers making a 'trecena' and 20 day signs.

A 260 day perpetual calendar which is still followed in meso america and which has spawned a modern day version known as the Dreamspell.