Give Everyone Love And Gain Extraordinary Omniscience

"Love expressed toward every living thing and existing is the only way to manifest divine consciousness that enables everything into existence, which is our essence or soul."

Ivan Antic, Metaphysics of Astrology - why astrology works


This site aims to provide advice, support and guidance for those who maybe interested in the eternal quest of knowing themselves through the esoteric sciences and all associated fields of learning.

To paraphrase one of Henry Ford's well known quotes:  "Anyone who keeps learning stays young"

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The portal is where I'll be sharing my knowledge and experience with those who wish to take a deep dive into esotericism whilst those who want to share their love of astrology might be interested in 

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You are also invited to assist me by sharing this site with your family and friends and through your own social media channels. I have also added a couple of donation options to the bottom of the page for those who wish to provide a helping hand with this venture - a labour of love aka meraki - and I am currently developing a package of membership benefits for those who may be interested in making a regular contribution.



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Turning the fundamental question 'Who am I?'

into the statement


- an authentic and empowered soul