The self

the SELF (Soul Experiencing Love Fully)

How wondrous that we exist only in each others minds

That I find myself only in your eyes

That only through us do love and beauty enter the universe

There is no outside to this 'prison' of ideas

as outside and inside, like all this and that are made up

Well, it feels like love to me....

This seamless, edgeless, scintillating light and sound show

It never feels like life is happening to someone

or that there is someone doing life...

How unimaginably wondrous, this love dream of you & me & we

The self is the most beautiful jewel in the universe

It is the portal through which love and beauty enter.

Imaginary separation is hell when believed in

And stunningly beautiful when not.

Unfortunately I can't credit the creator of this poetry but I'm putting it out in to the

U'n'Iverse as it serves to illustrate how important it is that we understand ourselves.