Greeting cards

Uniquely personalised greeting cards

for all occasions

All the cards that I produce are totally unique, tailored completely to the occasion and will hopefully be treasured by the recipient/s for years to come as much thought & love goes into each one.

In an age when mass-produced greeting cards are cheap and plentiful from high street retailers and online cards are either personalised printed templates or hand-crafted offerings made to order

Gelageo is distinguishing itself from the crowded market place.

The examples given below attempt to illustrate the inexhaustible range of possibilites which allow for you to personalise each card to a very high degree. The combination cards are cost-effective and useful when occasions coincide or perhaps when greetings are from different generations.

Since I am a bit of a perfectionist the production time can be many hours and thus the minimum lead time for orders is 10 working days (two weeks) with delivery to you in good time for you to be able to sign your name/s, add a handwritten message and send/deliver the card to the recipient.

Whilst the astrology theme is optional the rear of all cards will of course reference the creator and each order will be accompanied by a complimentary astrological offering as a thank you for your custom.

There is NO set price for any of my work - the price you pay is determined solely by the level of your satisfaction and the value you believe the finished offering is worth.

The ordering process will be going live shortly and all orders will be dealt with in chronological order of receipt with initial priority being given to those who have supported this venture with a donation.