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As this is a highly personalised service there is no automated production of any items from this site with the exception of links to a select few approved third party providers.

Consequently the completion of this order form will generate an acknowledgment which will be followed up with direct communication by your preferred method.

Unless electronic fulfillment is required the minimum lead time for all orders is 10 working days and longer if printed items are required to be posted overseas.

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Whilst it is certainly possible to phone/text or email me to discuss and place orders I would ask you initially to complete the order form to avoid potential errors with dates, times and spellings.

Once an order is taken it will be fulfilled by email within 24 hours for astrology reports* and for greeting cards a proof will be provided within 48-72 hours dependent on the urgency of the order. 

For greeting cards a price will be provided to cover the cost of postage & packing. Otherwise the price you pay for any item delivered electronically is determined solely by you and can be paid via either of the donation buttons below.

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I don't do cookies (except for the edible type) nor do I have any terms & conditions as everything I do in this life is done with respect and consideration for you as a fellow man/woman.

Thus this blurb is simply to assure you that the data you provide is used solely for the purpose intended and is not stored or shared anywhere without your prior permission.