Established originally as a retail business at 110 The Rock in Bury, Lancashire in July 2007 Gelageo moved to stall 13 in Wyndham Block on Bury Market where we traded until June 2008..

Currently Gelageo does not have retail premises but is looking to relaunch   the website which in 2012 had a record of 32,000 visitors in a single day when a newspaper article on Ophiuchus resulted in  search engines directing enquiries to a page on the site dedicated to the subject.



Gemini Wood Dragon

4 Lamat

Generator 3/5

Life path 3


Cancer Earth Dog

11 Kan

Manifesting Generator 2/4

Life path 33/6


We are here to assist you in developing self-knowledge and understanding through the use of the esoteric sciences but principally the many branches of astrology and numerology.

We have the tools and experience to help answer your questions and, in the odd instance where we can't, we know a man who can.

People have been taught to ridicule astrology yet the largest library on the subject in the world is housed at the Vatican and some powerful people, including past presidents of the USA, have used it successfully to ascertain propitious timings for major events.

This site is intended to assist not only self-discovery but also to enlighten you as to how powerful you truly are and as it develops there will be links to many useful sites geared to your physical, psychological and even financial well-being gleaned from over a decade on the path to higher consciousness.

In Lak'ech Ala K'in (I am you and you are me - we are all one)